Dr. Sir Bismark Epoh Enongene

 The President and founder of the VICEF ( Vicky Ebude Foundation) is a member of the Lions Club International, appointed Ambassador of the I.H.R.C.  International Human Rights Commission (African Division Italy) and also honored Knight of the soveriegn order of Malta.
 Born in Kumba, in the southwest region  of Cameroon, he grew up in an ancient family called Ekukole belonging to the Bakossi tribe.  Dr. Sir Bismark, shortly after earning a degree in economics and commerce at the University of Douala in Cameroon, moved to Italy and with a regular family reunification permit settled in Udine where he still currently resides.  Immediately he began to work with good results in the field of advertising , marketing  and international trading of comodities. Despite living a peaceful and fulfilling life, he was sometimes troubled by the personal inability to pursue the teachings he inherited from his mother  Lady Victorine Ebude Enongene who had worked hard to help all her life and sostained the destitute and orphaned children the needy widows of her environment in her own way   .  So with the perseverance that distinguishes him,  accompanied by his  lovely wife lovely  and some friends, he decided to set up "VICEF" in 2008, dedicating the name of the association to his mother Vicky Ebude.
 In the last five years, Dr. Sir Bismark has dedicated himself to the full-time to the  foundation's activities, including trips to Cameroon  and around africa and some eastern european and Asian countries to personally follow the delivery of donations received, meetings with Government Institutions, directors of other humanitarian associations and various delegations, it can be said  that Dr. Sir Bismark highly honored the legacy received from his mother Vicky, continuing the good she had done in her life for those most in need.